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I am insured by Harel and receive health services through Clalit Health Services. If I feel unwell at night or if the Clalit clinics are closed, what should I do?

1. You can call the Harel Call Center: 1-800-414-422 and ask for a doctor to be  sent to you.

2. You can also call the Clalit Call Center: 2700* and speak with a doctor or nurse. Describe
     your medical problem and they will instruct you in dealing with it. If they think your medical
     condition requires referral to an emergency room, they will send the referral to the closest
     hospital under agreement with Clalit, and you can then go to the hospital without any cost
     (subject to the conditions of the policy).

3. Another possibility is to go to a Clalit Emergency Medical Center (MARAM). There you will
     be asked to pay a NIS 73 co-pay fee, which will not be reimbursed.

4.  For policyholders residing in Jerusalem: On Fridays or Saturdays, you can go to TEREM in
     the Romema or Talpiot neighborhood, where you will receive treatment without any
     co-pay. Other days of the week you will be charged a NIS 73 co-pay fee for the treatment,
     which will not be reimbursed. The phone number of TEREM is: 1-599-520-520

I am insured with Harel and I have a Harel member card. If I feel unwell, day or night, what should I do?

Call the Harel Call Center: 1-800-414-422 and describe your problem. If it is during the day, you will be referred to a clinics under agreement located near your place of residence. If you call on Saturday or during the night, a doctor will be sent to you, or, according to their discretion, you will be referred to the hospital.
Remember: If you do not have a referral from a doctor under agreement, a doctor who made a house visit or the Harel Call Center, you will have to pay for any visit to an emergency room.

If I need emergency assistance from Harel while I am abroad, whom should I

Harel operates a 24-hour emergency call center.

The phone number of the emergency call center is: 972-3-754-7030

To call from Israel, dial: 03-754-7030

In addition, as a special service:

• You can call Amos at 972-52-325-0975 in Israel

• You can receive service in English and in Hebrew in the United States by dialing