Plan Comparison

 Health Insurance for Students

Plan Comparison Table
Coverage Item UMS
Insurance with no deductible - Overall coverage for insurance period $75,000
Maximum continuous insurance period up to 1 years
Maximum period of hospitalization up to 90 days
Types of hospitals for hospitalization public
Visit to doctor who does not have an arrangement with the company -
Laboratory tests, x-rays, etc. with no ceiling only at laboratories listed by Harel
Medicine according to doctor's prescription with no deductible up to $200 / year
Emergency dental treatment in the period shown on the insurance proposal form up to $200
Personal accident, according to the table in the policy up to $10,000
Assistance for flight to country of origin due to medical problem, subject to approval of Harel's medical board up to $5,000
Transport of mortal remains to home country up to $5,000
Purchase of the Blue-White Policy for foreign citizens traveling abroad, including to their country of origin +
Insurance coverage for travel to Sinai, according to terms of the policy, for no extra charge not included
Follow-up during pregnancy, visits to gynecologist, routine laboratory and ultrasound tests (not including birth) not included
Post-accident physiotherapy, up to 10 visits not included
Deterioration of existing medical condition, according to terms of policy, for additional coverage of existing conditions, speak to the representative. not included

Table of Premiums - Price/Day in US$

Age of Insured UMS
up to 39years 1.50
Age 40-59 2.10
Age 60-65 3.00
Age 66-70, up to 3 months, subject to completion of detailed medical questionnaire and approval of company underwriter -

•The prices are not final and are subject to change.
•The prices in the table do not represent prices of medical services through Clalit Health Services (with the exception of the PRESTIGE CLALIT policy).
•The price refer only to the UMS, SHIRAUMS and PRESTIGE policies published on the website.
•The medical services and prices are subject to change according to place of residence and academic institution.

To receive the final updated information on the premium and the medical services provided, please contact our office.