Personal Policies

A policy for tourists that covers your medical expenses in Israel, including hospitalization and medical care outside of hospitals. The maximum age for this insurance policy is 65 (inclusive).

The cover Up to a sum of
Maximum sum insured  100,000$
Medical expenses whilst hospitalized in Israel Full cover in a general – government hospital – up to 90 days
Medical expenses in Israel – whilst not hospitalized
Included in the maximum sum
Doctor’s visit Full cover
Laboratory tests, X-rays, E.C.G., Plaster casts, bandaging
Full cover
Medication Up to $200 during the insurance period
Emergency dental treatment Up to $200 during the insurance period
Transfer of corpse to country of origin Up to 5,000$

Maximum insurance period:

a. For an insured aged 49: up to 180 days insurance with a possibility of extending same up to a
    further 180 days.
b. For an insured aged 50 – 65: up to 90 days insurance with a possibility of extending same up to
    a further 90 days per extension, but not exceeding 360 accumulated days in total.

Deductibles: Doctor’s visit: $10 Medications: $5 per prescription.
* For Yedidim insurees 0nly: deductibles cancelled.

Summary of Exceptions

The insurance has a preparatory period of 48 hours (except in the case of an accidental event). The policy shall not cover: any event connected and/or emanating from an existing medical condition; an event which commenced prior to the inception of the insurance or during the preparatory period; AIDS; periodic examinations; pregnancy; birth; baby care clinic (Tipat chalav); use of drugs and/or alcohol; work accident and/or road accident.

In any event, only the full insurance conditions - as detailed in the policy- shall bind the insurer.

Manner of joining
– the insurance candidate is to complete a proposal form and a declaration of health and to attach the payment.

Manner of payment – the insurance fees shall be paid in advance for the entire insurance period and to the order of the insurer.

Manner of receiving the services - an insurance card shall be issued to every insured and it to be displayed to the medical service provider. The medical services shall only be provided by service providers who have an agreement with the insurer. the insurance card is personal and may not be transferred.

Insurance fees:

age limitation clalit medical services harel medical services maximum period
up to 49 2.40$ 1.95$ 180 days
50-59 2.40$ 1.95$ 90 days
60-65 3.90$ 3.50$ 90 days
66-75 4.45$, 45 days with the CLALIT Medical services only.

* Minimum insured days for each insuree – 7 days

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