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Dear Researcher, Student and Visitor,

Harel Insurance & Finance Ltd., Israel’s leading firm in health insurance and "Yedidim", which serves thousands of students in Israel with a special combination of professionalism and personal attention, have joined together to create an overall insurance protection programs, providing for all your health care needs.
  1. Comprehensive health insurance, tailored to your personal needs. The UMS (University Medical Services) plan range from short-term coverage to two-year program. this plan covers medical care in within the borders of Israel. For programs to doctoral candidates, medical students and others planning a prolonged study program, scholars conducting long-term research projects and anyone else planning to stay up to 6 years, please contect our office.  
  2.  Travel insurance. The First Class travel Policy may be purchased for trips outside of Israel for a set period of time, in order to attend conferences or for a vacation or visiting your family at home. The policy provides comprehensive medical coverage, transportation back to Israel for medical care in the event of any emergency and an option for baggage and third-party insurance.
  3.  Personal accident insurance. The Safe Life Policy is a compensation policy that covers medicals situations as a result of an accident. For example life insurance, disability, fractures and burns etc.
  4.  Apartment's Contents, Personal Possessions and Laptop Insurance Coverage
Together, these five categories of insurance compose an overall insurance protection program, covering you in Israel and throughout the world.
Our staff will be happy to help you choose the right program for you.
We wish you success in your academic pursuits and an enjoyable, healthy stay in Israel.

Harel-Yedidim team 

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