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Insurance Coverage for Tourists and Returning Residents in Israel

It is recommended that tourists to Israel and returning residents purchase health insurance to cover medical expenses, including hospitalization and medical care outside of hospitals and when not hospitalized. The major advantage of the insurance plans for tourists and returning residents is the access provided to the diverse medical services offered in Israel, without additional charges. Travel insurance policies purchased in your country of origin require the policyholder to pay for medical services in Israel and then request reimbursement, which does not cover the entire expense. In comparison, our policies offer you peace of mind, from the time you land in Israel until you return home.

The medical service is provided through the Clalit Health Services, a network of clinics throughout Israel, from Metulla in the far north to Eilat in the far south. There is no co-pay on Yedidim policies.
The Jerusalem Plan is an exclusive Harel-Yedidim insurance plan. For a nominal fee, it provides coverage for medical flight from Israel to your home country (with or without an accompanying physician).

Former residents of Israel who are visiting or returning to Israel may also purchase one of the policies described above and benefit from the 24-hour medical services provided to all our policyholders.

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