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Insurance for Foreign Workers in Israel

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Foreign Worker Insurance

Every employer in Israel is required to provide its foreign employees with medical insurance according to the instructions of the Foreign Workers Law 5751 – 1991, whether or not the employee has a work permit.

Harel's SAFE STAY+ insurance plan meets the requirements of the Foreign Workers Law and provides employees with comprehensive insurance protection. For the employer, the plan offers peace of mind: it ensures the employees medical coverage and meets the demands of the law.

In addition, the employer is also required to provide foreign workers with National Insurance, which covers them in the case of a work accident.

The medical services in the policy are free of any co-pay. The coverage corresponds with the government health insurance basket, with the exception of some exclusions. In addition, there is a possibility of a doctor's house visit 24 hours a day, without co-pay, through the Harel or Bikur Rofe Call Centers.

The insurance plan also covers emergency dental treatment, death, disability due to an accident and coverage of medicines listed in the health basket.

To join the insurance plan, the employee must complete a registration form, which includes a Health Condition Statement, and which the employer signs. The employer also signs the application forms for insurance and adds a means of payment.

After the underwriting process, the policy is sent to the employer and the employee. The employees receive the medical services through Clalit Medical Services, in a network of clinics located throughout the country. The employee receives a magnetic membership card, to be presented whenever receiving medical service.

Qualification and waiting Period: There is no waiting period or qualification period in the insurance policy for foreign workers. The coverage goes into effect immediately upon issue of the policy.

Insurance period: Minimum 1 month, maximum 1 year. At the end of the insurance period, contact the Harel Yedidim office to extend the insurance. Maximum age for joining: 65.

Main Features of the Plan

Medical Expenses Not During Hospitalization

Family physician, internist, gynecologist, specialist medicine without a referral from the family physician, laboratory tests, imaging services, and medicines in the health basket.

House visit – 24 hours a day – through the Harel or Bikur Rofe Call Center.

Emergency room – by physician's referral or an emergency situation that threaten' the life of the Insured.

Medical Expenses During Hospitalization in a Public Hospital

Hospitalization fees, tests, surgery, intensive care, medications.

Psychiatric hospitalization – up to 60 days of hospitalization.

Expenses Due to Pregnancy

Doctor's examinations, laboratory tests, ultrasound – contingent upon 9 months of employment (cumulative) in Israel.

Transportation of mortal remains – full coverage.

Summary of Exclusions

Childbirth, psychological services, genetic testing, long-term nursing in hospital and/or other long-term nursing services, treatment of impotence and sexual functioning, fertility treatments, a preexisting condition of illness, work accidents and road accidents.

To join the health insurance :

  1. Please see here the premiums and the summary of coverage of the policy.

  2. To download an application form, press here

  3. To download an extension form, press here

  4. Please scan the completed, signed form and send it to our email address or fax 972-3-6874534

For the detailed terms of the policy, press here.

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