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Health Insurance
in Israel

Dear scientists, students, visitors, tourists and foreign workers,


HAREL INSURANCE & FINANCE COMPANY is the leading provider of a wide range of health insurance programs in Israel.
YEDIDIM Pension Arrangements Ltd is a subsidiary of Harel and deals with its majority insurance programs.
HAREL-YEDIDIM is a division of YEDIDIM which provides medical insurance for scientists, students, tourists and foreign workers, offering you professional advise and insurance that respond to your needs.

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Dear Mr. Amos Gilboa,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the help you provided in helping me get great medical care.

I greatly appreciate the personal attention, time and patience you showed making phone calls and making sure that the follow-up visit for my surgery was taken care of.
You and your staff at Harel have always taken great interest and shown kindness and caring when I’ve needed to find a doctor here in Israel.

Again, thank you and your excellent staff for going that extra-mile to provide great care.

    Sincerely, Zev Zingher

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